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6R7A5321My name is Amelia and I’m so so grateful to you all for visiting my blog!

I thought a little bit about me would be a suitable first post…

I was born and raised in a small town just outside of London, England.  I lived there with my parents and 3 incredible brothers until I was 19yrs old when I moved to live in the United States and attend university. Amidst all that, I saw a boy, fell in love, and got married to an amazing guy who funnily enough was also from exactly the same place in England!

Oliver and I originally started dating in England during one of his stays with family; he was over visiting for a couple of months. In just a few weeks, we quickly discovered that our paths would lead us to our studies over in the States meaning that our dating life continued and developed into a treasured eternal relationship.

We are now enjoying life as parents with an adorable son Jude. It was my role as a mother that made me realize how important family, fun, and fitness were in order to keep oneself feeling normal and happy; making the most of every day!


This has to be the most important part of my life and because of it, I thrive to become a better wife and mother every day. I hope that my family will know of the love I have for them – looking back on the many moments and times we shared as fond memories, bringing us closer together. I treasure the quote “Don’t save something for a special occasion, every day of your life is a special occasion,” from President Thomas S. Monson. I want to make it a goal that every day is a special day for my children. Even the trials are an important part of our life; they are there to make us better people. I want to walk side by side with my children as they learn the ways of the world.


This is the activity that should fill every single minute of every single day! Whether that fun comes from playing with your children, having fun with friends or enjoying quality time with a special someone, fun should fill your life, brightening every day. I like to live by the rule to ‘never stop dating your wife and always flirt with your husband!’ Keep the spark alive in your marriage/relationship with fun date ideas and ensure you always know everything about each other.


I’d have to say that this has sometimes ruled my life and I have often found myself obsessing over how I look and what I eat. Magazines and the media portray fitness as a drug that leads to the perfect life and the perfect body. I see differently. I believe that fitness is a way of increasing satisfaction in all areas from the way you feel to the way you look. It isn’t something that should control you. It is simply a necessity in order to live a longer, healthier life.  Fitness doesn’t have to mean 3hrs in the gym lifting crazy heavy weights, it can simply be a walk around the park with your family followed by some simple and quick core exercises to make you look and feel fantastic.

Anyway! Feel free to follow along as I post blogs centered on these essential topics toward living a balanced and happy life.


Amelia K

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