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2 Years Passed

Dec 28th Olli and I celebrated 2yrs of marriage! Great planning meant we were able to celebrate our anniversary in the very place we met, London England! It was quite magical marking an anniversary in the very place our dating life blossomed.

20141228_154403320_iOSOlli organized a wonderful date to Hampton Court Palace. For those who don’t know, Hampton Court is a royal palace in the London Borough of Richmond upon Themes. It has been home to many royals but the most commonly known is Henry the VIII. It is now a beautiful tourist attraction with hundreds of acres of well kept green gardens, fun mazes and, tours of the beautiful exquisite palace for the enjoyment of all age family members. Olli and I thoroughly enjoyed our time walking around and enjoyed the stunning architecture while also watching the romantic sunset glimmering over the river themes. We were privileged enough to attend during the winter wonderland months meaning the Christmas lights and ice skating rink was illuminated and look picturesque. It felt as if we were dating again, the sheer excitement of holding each others hand and kissing without a baby watching our every move.

Having spent time with Olli back in England where our relationship all began made me fall in love with him all over again! The flirtatious behavior felt new and exciting again and each kiss left butterfly feelings. I definitely fell in love with Olli again after three years of being together (two of those married). amelia and oliver (15 of 59)

Well, 2 years married and in that time we have had the wonderful privilege of bringing a beautiful son into the world. Many people thought the news of pregnancy was far to early on in our married life however, we knew it was right and haven’t had a second of regret.

There is nothing better than seeing the man you love playing with the little one you love. The special connection you feel as a family is unbreakable. We are more happy as a family of 3 than we would be if it was just the two of us.

January 13th 2012 was our first date and actually ended up being our first kiss. When I first saw Olli, he was giving a homecoming talk after his two years of service for our church. The first thing that drew me to Olli, was his dedication to the gospel and love for his family. After nervously getting in the car with him on our first date, concerned that he would go all “Mr missionary” on me and quote scripture. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Our topics of conversation were random and funny. Somehow we clicked immediately and he soon filled the role of my best friend.

After this I became drawn to his humor and fun loving nature. He was always up for a dare and joke which fitted with my daring nature along with my family who loved to banter. Was finding “the one” this easy?

I love Olli more than words can describe. His goals to achieve greatness are inspiring. The amount of hard work he does in order to succeed is astonishing and I can’t thank him enough for working the way he does to ensure Jude and I are taken care of. Each thought he has is one in which will better our family. Our relationship is anything but perfect but Iamelia and oliver (4 of 5) wouldn’t change our 2 years for anything. I look forward to an eternity of more love, laughter and sheer enjoyment!

Thank you Olli for the incredible man you are and for all you do to make me a better person! Thank you for putting the needs of your family first. Thank you for being a worthy priesthood holder and always being an example to me of a Christ like person. Thank you for being an extremely wonderful patriarch and leader of our home. I love you and always will. Happy Anniversary!

Love- The luckiest girl in the world x

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