New Year, New Me!

New Year, New Me!
Welcome to 2015! What does your new year look like?

While contemplating some New Year’s resolutions with my husband I found myself getting rather frustrated. Olli sat next to me with an entire list of incredible accomplishments he wanted to achieve by the end of 2015. After discussing how we would make his dreams become a reality, he turned to me and asked “What about you?”… my blank expression simply stared back at him.

WELL…I thought to myself… I would love to get back to school and work more on my degree, travel back to London for the summer and then maybe contemplate the idea of having another baby. As money was the key factor in all those ‘wants,’ that 2015 to do list became my ‘if at all possible’ list and I was back at square one.

After thinking about the term “New Year resolution” and realizing that it should be more about change in a positive direction, I thought about all the things I would love to improve about myself to become a better person. Yes, my figure needs work and that’s most certainly on the list, but I wanted to improve in other areas.

So, I thought about my relationship with my husband and listed all of the things I do that drive him crazy. I then decided to choose two of those and work really hard to improve and eliminate the annoying habits, which cause conflict and frustration.

I also wanted to find new ways to help our little Jude’s development. After pondering over our normal day-to-day activates, I realized we read a lot, played a lot, and socialized with other children as much as we could. What else was there for me to do? It all boiled down to this list:

1. Being More Decisive!
I am the WORST at making decisions in all areas of life! It has caused so many silly little arguments. When Oliver gives me a choice of restaurants or date night activities, I simply say “I don’t mind!” Realizing this annoyance, I want to eliminate the minor disputes and become more decisive!

2. Don’t Close Up and Shut Off in a Disagreement
Normally, when things get confusing and frustrating I prefer to sit quietly. I often think that it would diffuse the situation if I correct what was wrong and then hush up about it. Olli however, is very different and has to talk about things in depth before moving on. In order to avoid a bigger issue, I’m going to work on opening up and sharing my feelings about conflict. PIC_1115

3. Baby Sign Language and Play Dates
My first year of university I studied American Sign Language and loved it! I looked into baby sign language and discovered there are a wide range of benefits for teaching your young one how to speak with their hands. I decided to teach Jude the basics and try and help him communicate with me in other ways other than screaming… By doing so, along with having regular play dates with older children, I’m hoping Jude will learn how to speak and use words rather than high-pitched screams.

4. Shaping up!!
Loosing baby chub isn’t easy! It’s now one year after the birth of my son and I still don’t have the flat abs I’m used to. I am not saying I want to look perfect, but I would like to feel a little bit sexier this year. Each morning will be a cardio and tone session!  For those who know me well (and now those reading this blog) I’m very conscious and obsessive over my figure, resulting in me skipping a lot of meals and becoming a work out junkie. 2015 will be different! I’m going to work really hard at establishing a better relationship with food and work out schedules.

So, there it is! 2015 is going to be a great year. I am hoping to become a better person, wife, and mother in these 365 days! Along with working hard to ensure I get back to school and fulfil my more expensive desires for the year.

I hope your year is just as exciting!

Amelia K

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