Are You Ready For Summer?

Summer is on its way!

How many of you regret eating too many mince pies over Christmas? I don’t, they tasted too good to stop. However, now the holidays are over, the work outs MUST step up a level in order to look slim and trim for summer!

I have been working extremely hard to slim down for summer, and it’s been a lot of fun!! No, I’m not crazy, I have made it fun with loud music and a determined mind! 14months after having my son I am finally feeling like a yummy mummy again. My hard work is definitely paying off!

Here is my at home, cardio and tone work out!!

Warm up- x2 (get faster and lower)

10x Sumo Squats
10x Lunges
10x Push Ups
20x Jumping Jacks
20x High knees
20x March and Twist
13/1/09 carla pic david poole exercise number 1
Core- x2

20x Reverse Crunch
20x V Ups
30x Sit Ups
30x Mountain Climbers
40x Russian Twist
40 Second Plank

15x Alternating Bridge Extensions
15x Split Squats
20x Sumo Squats
20x Step Up and Leg Raise
30x Fire Hydrant
bicep curl
Arm- Free Weights needed

20x Bicep Curls
20x Push Ups
15x Up and Down Push Ups
30x Arm Circles
30x Triceps Swing

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