Up and Coming…Oli K

I would have never guessed that I would have married an extremely talented musician!
Yes – my husband is Oli K and the music video above is his new single. Exciting isn’t it!?

Want some inside news about Oli K… well here it comes. I’m happy to share some
behind the scenes news about this new music video and incredible talent.

It all began about two years ago when Oli came on a walk with me (I was
heavily pregnant with our first and was walking a lot to try and move labor
along). As we walked I noticed the mood of the conversation change. It slowly
progressed into me hearing that my husband wanted to pursue music as a large
part of his life. His reasoning for it was influential. He simply wanted to
make a difference to millions of listeners with his music. I’m sure you’re
thinking that every singer thinks the same thing. The only difference with Oli
K is that he has extremely high level of standards which come from his Latter
Day Saint beliefs. My husband wanted to influence millions yes, but the
difference is that he would continue to cling to his standards while doing it.

Media today is full of corrupt images and lyrics which stain a young teenager
and their view on reality.  As parents,
have we ever looked into the music our children listen to and analyze the
lyrics our children memorize and repeat? I did this one evening driving home
and heard each word in the songs played on the radio. Some were okay however,
the majority were singing about sexy women with disproportiante bodies, liquor,
drugs, unfriendliness and death. It isn’t so much these words that haunt me,
it’s the fact that many songs portray these subjects as fun and inviting.

I agree, this isn’t every artist and it isn’t every song. But when those songs
are played they are number 1 radio hits and young teens sing them over and

Oli K is a new artist, seeking to change the somewhat negativity looming over
the music industry. Along with raising awareness on certain issues and perhaps
bring a new perspective on these trials. The songs shine a lite on what is and
what isn’t acceptable in society. The song above (Different Than You)
highlights the wonderful opportunity of being different and unique. Almost
everyone has suffered or is suffering from insecurities about themselves and
may try to blend in to the “norm”. After listening to this song, Oli K hopes
that everyone will embrace their natural self and not feel ashamed to be who
they want to be. It also speaks to those scared by someone different and
reassures them that differences are good.

There is no one who could explain this better than Oli K himself! Check out his new blog!  


Enjoy! Amelia K 

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