Easter Morning 

Happy Easter readers! I hope you all enjoyed the hunt for eggs as a family.


My 16 month old son found the hunt extremely exciting. However, the eggs did not excite him too much, it was the chocolate inside which brought the biggest smile to his face.

As a child I loved being spoilt by Easter eggs and would savor every piece of chocolate. My parents would always bring the true spirit of Easter as we gathered together for our family night. As I learnt about my loving savior I wouldn’t truly understand but I would feel gratitude. That only increased the older I got.

Now I am in the position of needing to teach my son the meaning behind the egg hunts and candy. I wasn’t sure how to do this. I would see posts by other family members explaining their ways of sharing the message of a loving redeemer however, I felt stumped on how to share an extremely simple version to my young son.

After a lot of thought I decided to simply keep one of my sons eggs empty. Yes…no candy! To a 16 month old who had learnt that inside the egg was a piece of chocolate this was a shock! The look on his face when he found this egg was sheer disappointment! Even my husband looked confused.

What does this egg represent? How would I explain the atonement to a 16 month old.

Well I simply held him in my arms and told him that Jesus loves him.


The empty egg he was holding in his hands represented the empty tomb. In the same way, my life would be empty and hollow without his sacrifice. This truly remarkable event enables us all to move past the set backs and struggles we all face, and become the best person we can be. It is the same for my son. The atonement is what enables me to have a true, everlasting relationship with my family.

After a minute or two my son was done sitting on my lap and returned to his Easter egg hunt. Just as we go about our daily routine it is important to be reminded of the love our Heavenly Father and Savior have for us. My son may not fully understand, but was reminded amongst the excitement of treats that his loving brother Jesus Christ loves him and has enabled a way for my son to repent for his future mistakes.

The link below shares an inspiring video to explain Easter in a way all may understand and feel loved.

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